Meta Bergman

PHP / Laravel / Zend Certified PHP Engineer / Javascript / Website and Application Security / VoIP / XMPP / Server Management

And much more!

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Contact me at [email protected]!

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Implementing API's for a remote supplier, or integrating a payment API on your website? Not a problem.

I have developed several integrations with remote suppliers (XML/JSON/SOAP/etc.), and payment systems (mobile/iDEAL).

Furthermore, I also have relevant knowledge about popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, and am certified by Zend as Zend Certified PHP Engineer.

Need a plugin for your existing CMS/commerce system? I also have previous experience with developing plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Are your customers more mobile? Developing API's for mobile games and developing mobile applications through Apache Cordova are also a possibility!

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Server Management

Whether your focus is on the web, e-mail, instant messaging, telephony, or your applications mostly communicate through API's, I have relevant experience with managing several applications on Linux server environments.

Ensuring your e-mail gets delivered (by making sure your e-mail service adheres to the latest standards, and monitoring blacklists), preventing your web services from getting overloaded by implementing caching layers, or setting up services to allow your team to quickly communicate internally? It's all in a day's job!

Once your services are up, it's understandable that you would like some peace of mind. I also have experience with setting up server monitoring through systems like Nagios, including writing custom plugins for custom setups, and easing server setup by automating certain administrative tasks through the use of Ansible (server management) and LetsEncrypt/ACME (SSL management).

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Getting hacked is never fun. A good defense starts with analyzing your attack surface.

Whether it's through mitigating risk by implementing a good Content-Security-Policy for your site, adding other relevant security headers, implementing 2-factor authentication for your web platform or servers, educating your employees about possible risk factors like phishing or social engineering, or performing active security checks and analyzing risks, I can help out.

Previously, I have also responsibly disclosed several security leaks to a Dutch company on 2 occasions, both resulting in a reward through their responsible disclosure program.

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VoIP / IP Telephony / Mobile Solutions

Whether it's on-the-go, or at your desk, VoIP telephony is here to stay, and can be a cost-effective solution to staying in contact with both your team and your customers.

Regardlesss of whether you need to set up internal VoIP systems for communicating with your teams, to set up a full PBX solution to stay in contact with your customers (including routing calls to your representatives), to find the most cost-effective way to handle your international calls, or to install/develop a full-blown custom application integration, it's all possible, and through the power of open-source solutions like Asterisk, it does not even need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Need more help? I can also assist you or your customers in setting up these systems, configuring phones or VoIP adapters on-premise or preparing them for deployment.

Prefer SMS instead? Or want to use push messaging to send out alerts to your customers, or notifications to your on-call engineers regarding your system's status? No problem!

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Home / Office Automation

Need to monitor remote locations and receive alerts when a door is opened or other activity is detected? Want to automate your office lighting to turn on at a certain time of day, or based on activity in a room?

I have previously implemented a Raspberry Pi-based alarm system solution for my own usage, and a system to automate opening of gates and doors, and would be happy to discuss what your needs might be for your location.

Whether you require integration with existing home-automation solutions such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or require a custom solution just for your use-case, I can provide guidance and custom work to make sure your home or office automation solution succeeds!

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Want even more?

The sky is the limit!

I would be happy to discuss any custom solution you might require, even if that might entail additional research work.

I also regularly attend conferences (PFCongres/Dutch PHP Conference/FOSDEM) and keep up with technology news to pick up new techniques and see what's new in the developer scene, always being eager to learn more.

Contact me and let me know what your needs are!